→ Sep 2014 And we meet again! I haven’t seen u in a while. Can’t wait to get some film so we can play.  (at San Francisco Art Institute)
→ Sep 2014 at San Francisco Art Institute
→ Sep 2014 The sound of magic when u hit the shutter. #hasselblad  (at San Francisco Art Institute)
→ Aug 2014 Come check out some of my work at the Still Lights Gallery, SFAI 😃 (at San Francisco Art Institute)
→ Aug 2014 Fun Family time, mom, sisters and grandma.  (at Little Italy, San Fracisco)
→ Aug 2014 And with this photo I say I’ll see you soon! It’s been real. ❤️✈️🚕🌃 (at Brooklyn Bridge)
→ Aug 2014 🏣🏤🏦❤️#newyork 🔜🔙 (at MoMA The Museum of Modern Art)
→ Aug 2014 #dunkindonuts #brooklyn #newyork ❤️🍩  (at Dunkin’ Donuts, Bedford Ave)
→ Aug 2014 Panorama of New York from a rooftop in Brooklyn.
→ Aug 2014 at Rockefeller Center