→ Apr 2014

Meanwhile in the Diego Gallery (at diego rivera gallery)

→ Apr 2014 Last photo with the beard. Here with my awesome mug by @clayzpants ☕️❤️ (at Cup-A-Joe Coffee House)
→ Apr 2014 #yellow (at Puccini & Pinetti)
→ Apr 2014 Green places #green  (at Lands End)
→ Apr 2014 From a few days ago, reason why I should not be trusted with knives… Or spoons, or any tools I guess.  (at San Francisco Art Institute)
→ Apr 2014 I can’t stop looking at all the building and the shadows at this time.
→ Apr 2014 Sunset in lands end (at Lands End)
→ Apr 2014 From yesterday’s visit to the De Young Museum (at de Young Museum)
→ Mar 2014 Great way to start the day.  (at Puccini & Pinetti)
→ Mar 2014 Just got out of class and this is happening. Why can’t the sky look like his everyday?  (at San Francisco Art Institute)